2016 AHA Statin Drug Interactions Q5

2016 AHA Statin Drug Interactions

According to the 2016 AHA Scientific Statement:
“Recommendations for Management of Clinically Significant Drug-Drug Interactions With Statins and Select Agents Used in Patients With Cardiovascular Disease” p e472:

The combination of individual statins (fluvastatin, lovastatin, rosuvastatin or simvastatin) with warfarin are noted to result in”Increased INR/potential for increased bleeding.”  The “recommendation” for these statin-warfarin combinations is rated as ________.

a) “useful”
b) “reasonable”
c) “may be considered”
d) “potentially harmful” or “should be avoided”

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“Simvastatin     Increased INR/potential for increased bleeding   Up to 30% change in INR   Combination is useful”

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